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Cells Clinic We are industry certified computer repair specialists and we work to industry standards to ensure a professional finish from the very start. We repair and unlock mobile devices of any make and model, and with our competitive pricing, you'd be mad to look elsewhere. Why not try one of our mobile services today!. At Cells Clinic, we are certified Apple computer engineers and we have the right tools to get your machine running as new.

Don't let data loss ruin your day. Our experts use the latest software and data recovery techniques to diagnose and rebuild you storage mediums. Bring your dektop, laptop or mobile into our shop today for a full diagnostics. Even though you do not know what is wrong with it, we will find out and repair it for you. Windows and Mac machines welcome.

All cell phones considered!. There are different types of video card repair services provided by us. The services provided by us are timely and we deal with all types of video card repairing problems. Our services depend on the nature of problem and brand of laptop.

read more › We specialise in making your computer hardware and software problems go away. Our we have been doing that for a long time for many clients like yourself who are looking for a professional service. Our team of engineers have the resources, the skills, the expertise and most importantly, the experience to correctly diagnose and repair your computer problems. We do not compromise on quality to save costs. All our parts are sourced from vendors who produce high quality and sometimes OEM certified replacement parts.

read more › Problems can arise for your laptop through wear and tear however sometimes accidents will happen for instance liquid spills. But with a fast and reliable service such as Cells Clinic Ltd on your side you will be back to normal in no time. No matter what your problem, our qualified engineers will have the right solution. If you are having problems with your screen, there could be a number of reasons, it could be a loose connection, defective cable or the screen itself may be defective, our experts will find the true fault ensuring you are not paying an excessive amount for a laptop screen repair.

read more › We can repair lcd screen faults, power faults, software faults, microphone faults, water and liquid damage faults, speaker faults, reception/signal faults, on/off button faults, charging faults, keypad faults. We can unlock your handset to all UK major networks including Vodafone, EE, T-Mobile, Orange, iD, 3. Our unlocking services covers all makes and model of phone including iPhones and Blackberry. We also offer postage services for a fee. If you are an international client, please get in touch with us first before posting your device to us.

read more › We have effective solutions for all your laptop repair needs to solve your laptop graphics card and graphics processor issues. If your laptop is exhibiting symptoms such as multiple images, distorted or scrambled video or no video, please bring in your defective laptop computer to our Shop for a professional evaluation and accordingly we can perform professional repair services on your laptop. Whether it is a MacBook, Windows Laptop or an Alienware PC; If it's a graphics card issue, we got you covered.

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