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This 'easy to watch' video discusses ways to keep kids of all ages safe online and is both entertaining and informative. This video comes from CEOP's thinkuknow programme, where you can find more resources to help keep your children safe online. A fast laptop repair from Computer Family, got my laptop back working with no fuss and minimal cost. That 'fizz pop' last week wasn't as terminal as I feared.

For anyone with home PC or laptop issues - I can't recommend the Computer Family highly enough. Their expertise & honesty means I haven't been charged for parts I didn't need - replacement jack and we're in business. Hi - I'm a working Mum of one, and am being dragged into 21st century (technology-wise!) by my 7 year old daughter. Technology was a luxury item for entertaining us (Space Invaders or the Spectrum only after our homework was done.!)

Nowadays, technology has become an integral part of family life - not just for entertainment - but as a necessary tool to get our jobs and homework done.

read more › Here at the Computer Family, we understand that you can't monitor your children 24/7, and controlling what your child is exposed to online can be a very difficult thing. This is where we can help; as we have families of our own, we understand how difficult it is to protect our children online and to monitor what they are accessing. As our kids grow up, and technology advances, computers are being used more than ever for both homework and entertainment. There is a wealth of useful knowledge out there to help us to learn and connect with the world.

read more › Here at the Computer Family we offer a full range of services, from installing software and keeping your family safe online to building and setting up new pc's and networks. We offer our customers peace of mind by making sure we understand your requirements before finding and agreeing the best and most cost effective solution for you. Honest technical advice is what we give; if we don't believe it's cost effective to repair something, we'll let you know before any costs are incurred.

read more › We can help the performance of your computer by upgrading parts in your PC. Instead of spending more money on a new PC why not upgrade your existing PC sometimes a smaller cost can go a long way. If your Computer is failing to power on 9 times out of 10 it will be a Hardware fault. With our help we'll be able to get your computer back up and running in no time.

read more › If you are unsure about any of these things please contact us so one of our security engineers can come out and analyse your network to view and secure your network from back door Trojans and Malware. We offer Secure and Reliable AntiVirus software which will automatically keep itself up to date and run a real time scan to ensure that no Viruses and Spyware can get through.

read more › Dont fret The Computer Family is able to retrieve your data that you've lost, whatever the cause of the data loss we can help. Use The Computer Family data recovery service to help retrive your family photos, course work or business documents quickly and affordable. Step 1. Turn your computer off and do not use the device which you've lost data on to prevent any further loss of data.

read more › Here at the Computer Family we can help you set up the right tools to protect you and your children online. Every day, more of our children are going online for school or fun and parents aren't always aware of the social networking sites their kids are joining or what else they could be doing online. We can give you peace of mind by enabling you to restrict the content that your child can access while online; we can set up content filtering to block any inappropriate content, preventing your children from being exposed to undesirable material.

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