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The Apprentice Store The Apprentice Store is an IT service provider that delivers a unique quality IT service from Inverness in the Scottish Highlands to the local business community and beyond. We are the only Scottish IT service provider that invests all of their profits into their staff whilst delivering a high quality and caring service to our clients. We work with businesses of all sizes and sectors from the public, private and third sector by supporting them with their IT systems.

Whether you are a small or micro business looking to access an IT expert to take care of your business IT systems or are a larger business needing specialist IT advice, we can help you. We offer all our services on project and monthly basis regardless of the size of the business with the service designed around the client needs.

If you want to protect your business against the threat of cyber-attacks, have a pressing IT issue you're struggling to resolve or want a whole new website to present your business in the best possible light, The Apprentice Store is here to help.

The Apprentice Store offers a growing range of products and services for our clients from our Inverness HQ. We have a range of products and service-based offerings for our customers to choose from based on their needs. We operate a managed helpdesk for our service delivery which ensures that all our IT support and project work is tracked and managed

When you ask The Apprentice Store to look after your IT services, you get to work with our team of young people and their mentors who care about delivering a high quality service to all our clients. Our services are what you would expect from any capable IT service provider but unlike many providers, we have a unique social goal at our core as we do

A risk that businesses of all sizes face today, regardless of their location, is the threat of a cyber security attack. Criminals recognise that they are able to target computer systems around the world at the press of a button and have identified how they can financially benefit from cybercrime. Small and micro businesses may not feel that they are

We recognise the value that IT systems offer a modern business along with the challenges that they face in getting a return on that investment. We focus on supporting small and micro business networks as they typically do not operate with dedicated internal IT staff. Whilst many may seek to employ a young person for their support, their need is not

Our mentors are highly capable and experienced IT consultants who have worked in the industry for many years and within multiple industry sectors. We have specifically selected them because of their experience so they can pass that knowledge on to our young people. However, we recognise that larger client projects may not always be able to support the

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