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Holker IT From traditional IT services to cloud resources, Holker has the right solutions for you, underpinned by a focus on the business resilience and security essential in today's world. We demystify technology, offering intelligent strategic planning backed by practical solutions. Giving our clients the reassurance they need to get on with their day-to-day business.

In an industry where efficiency is all, Holker sorts the systems that help PFP Energy serve 8,000 businesses. More than 20,000 students, teachers and school staff alike, learn with Holker & PC Edutech, every day. We would have really struggled on site without his support. I am getting positive feedback from the staff already regarding things they have just had to live with previously.'

However, the team has worked tirelessly to seek appropriate, timely and cost-effective solutions.' Since I started working at Orbit Energy running the sales channels, we have relied on Holker and the expertise of their engineers for every aspect of our business.

read more › Holker IT has, in just ten years, become one of the UK's leading suppliers of intelligent, business aligned, IT solutions and services. Solutions that recognise the critical importance of security of services and integrity of data to clients' businesses and brands. Clients ranging from energy companies to colleges and schools, and from transport and logistics firms to the legal sector. Today Holker looks to the future, ensuring that services such as Holker Cloud are world class, and its understanding of the development of the sectors in which it works is unparalleled.

read more › Choosing and using IT shouldn't be a battle. Technology is there to help your company do what it does, better. By unlocking the best ways to work, you will drive business and operational efficiencies, save time and money and build effective teams. In turn, this ultimately builds stronger client relationships. We know how to help you do that. From tackling specific problems to designing complete IT systems, we talk your language, understand your needs, then find the right tools to help you manage your business today, and build your company tomorrow.

read more › PFP holds the financial details of tens of thousands of companies and individuals, which is a huge responsibility. This year has seen a forced re-evaluation of office life with secure, remote access to internal systems vital for most businesses. 2020 has become the year of WFH - working from home. But even as late as March remote working was mostly a privilege enjoyed by employees of larger, more technically astute companies. Lockdown surprised everyone with the sudden need for entire workforces to operate remotely.

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