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PC Guardians We provide computer repair services, virus removal, malware removal and other computer services. Even with virus protection software installed, your computer can still fall victim to a computer virus. Many viruses are downloaded or accepted unknowingly in files from friends, etc. If you think your computer is infected with a virus please contact us so we can help.

If you suspect something is wrong, avoid using anything like online banking and avoid shopping online with a credit or debit card. This is just a precaution but could save you a lot of complications. One popular form of attack on computer users is a method commonly known as malware or scareware. You may suddenly be confronted with an unfamiliar pop up window or screen that looks official.

It may look like anti-virus software and show a convincing message or animation to convince you that your system is infected. You may be asked to download the software to clean your computer. Do not agree to download anything! This will only make the situation worse as you would open the floodgates for all manner of nasty unwanted infections.

PC Guardians is owned and run by Ray Cunningham and I am here to help if you need a computer repair in Macclesfield. I have lived in Macclesfield since birth and love the town. I have been repairing computers for over 15 years now. I am passionate about computers so you can rest assured that I will give your computer my full attention. Because of my

PC Guardians Macclesfield offer a variety of PC repair services to ensure your computing experience is the best it can be. We aim to get your PC repaired and back to you quickly. Computers always seem to breakdown or develop a fault at the most inconvenient moment. PC repair by PC Guardians is the best way to get that pesky PC sorted out. If you do

Virus removal is another service offered by PC Guardians. We operate in Macclesfield and surrounding areas such as Prestbury, Wilmslow and Knutsford. Most computer users will experience virus infection at some point. If you are fortunate your computer may be virtually unaffected by the experience. If however you get a particularly nasty malicious virus

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