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I T O K For over 15 years our friendly team of IT experts has been delivering the best in business technology support for SME's across Cornwall and the South West. We understand how IT can both influence and benefit progress and success, so let us worry about your day to day technology needs and free your time to focus on your next big thing! On call when you need us, whatever your IT problem we'll help you back working as quickly as possible.

Our consultancy service provides an impartial, detailed look at the current situation and health of your network. Whether you fly solo or have a team of 20 people, we can keep your business moving forward and focussed on the service you provide, not the technology that supports it. Our technicians support businesses across Cornwall and the wider South West from our central location in Bodmin.

So you can expect a quick, reliable, local service, just how IT should be! Our friendly group of IT professionals are passionate about all things technology and delighted to help.

read more › As many of you will know, IT-OK has provided personal business technology support for over 15 years now throughout the South West and we feel as directors that the time has come for a change of direction and focus, therefore we are proud to announce that IT-OK has been formally acquired by leading South West business IT specialists, Acronyms. We have taken great care and due diligence in selecting Acronyms as the successor for IT-OK. Their ethos to client and staff relationships particularly impressed us throughout the process of acquisition and we truly believe they are ideal partners for you to not only support, but grow your businesses with, both over your short and long term objectives.

read more › Our team of technicians ensure every part of your work-flow, whatever the device, is functioning to its potential. We do our best to foresee any issues before they become big problems, and if an unexpected fault occurs, our recovery planning gets you back up and running in no time. We can support your teams remotely, wherever they may be and if it's really broke, don't worry we'll be on site in a flash. Our affordable monthly plans provide the ongoing maintenance and backup that you need. We support your systems and users ensuring that you technology works to its optimum, leaving you to focus on your next big thing!

read more › Protect your precious data and minimise your risk. Sadly, the threat of outside hackers and malicious malware grows by the day and poorly defended systems can put your business and customers at risk. Our pro-active security monitoring ensures a well-maintained protective wall around your system and helps keep harmful outsiders where they belong. IT Ninjas.? Well almost! Strict policies and protocols for your teams for peace of mind across your business. With Azure Active Directory we can ensure that your employees and partners can securely access your network.

read more › We've worked with systems new and old, so whether you're thinking it's time for a complete upgrade or just need help getting what you've got to work better - don't worry, we've got you covered. With the vast choice of devices on the market IT procurement can be a daunting task. Based on your requirements we will personally source the right equipment for your exact business needs. We remove any unnecessary software that is usually bundled which will improve performance and save space. We will also ensure the machine is fully up to date with latest security updates and required software.

read more › Is it time for your IT to be audited? Business technology grows organically with new kit, equipment and indeed staff added to older systems. Our consultancy service provides an impartial, detailed look at the current situation and health of your network and factors your future plans. Health check your existing setup and get a full impartial detailed report to influence your future business plans. We look at everything from individual machines, networks, internet and servers and provide a detailed report on their health, security and raise any concerns or factors that exist.

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