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We are a small IT company providing services to small and medium (SME) companies in the south east of the UK including London. The main focus of the business is Managed Services where your IT, Internet, Phones etc. are outsourced to us and we manage them on your behalf. As part of this we provide carefully selected suppliers to provide internet connections, phones, cloud backup, security, CCTV etc.

We have been working with most of these suppliers for over 10 years and highly recommend them to you. We have many years experience in every service we provide and are very proud to have won awards for this service. We look forward to working with you.

Thema offers a complete ICT service to clients with the simple aim of ensuring that their businesses can thrive and grow without having to worry about their IT and communications. We specialise in looking after Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) but are equally happy to work with one or two person businesses.

We provide Managed Services for your IT - so you outsource this to us and we manage this end to end for you. Let us manage all your IT systems for a fixed monthly fee providing you with the reassurance that your IT is taken care of 24 x 7. We use various systems and agents to ensure that your IT is running in a tip top condition and we provide regualr

These days, an impactful web presence is a key factor for any business. It is often the first communication a customer has with your company and as we all know, first impressions count. Mobile web usage continues to grow at an amazing pace. As of Q2, 2020, 50.48% of all web traffic was conducted via mobile devices, 46.51% on desktop and 3% on tablet

Is your email becoming unmanageable? Are your mailboxes getting too full? Can you get your email on your smartphone? Are you still running email from the past? Moving your email onto our Microsoft Hosted Email service will quickly sort all this out for you and provide you with peace of mind knowing your messaging is fully managed and safe. We all want

Thema has been involved with IP Security using IP Cameras for over 15 years, when we recognised that conventional CCTV images tended to be blurry and as such of little use to anyone for such use as identification purposes. IP cameras are of very high quality and provde highest quality images over less bandwith and also offer many advantages over older

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